With the hospitality industry having to adapt and change in recent years, to meet the current world demands, many new and exciting businesses were born, and inside this list, you will find 15 of the most inspiring, and groundbreaking companies aiming to transform the food and drink industry as we know it!


The impacts of the pandemic are still everlasting and to meet the demands of this, many companies have had to adapt and transform their business models. The resilience shown should be celebrated and it is incredibly important for us to shine a light on the exciting businesses that are shaping the future of the food and drink sector.

Alongside our partner Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself in supporting and celebrating the best Food and Drink entrepreneurs. 

Plant-based ingredients and sustainable brand mission statements are clearly prevalent and there is a wide variety of exciting new businesses to discover! Read on to find out about some of the top Food and Drink entrepreneurs that each have something unique to offer.

Alexander Mair - All In A Box

All In A Box was born from the strains the hospitality industry faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Alexander Mair found that the food choice local to him wasn’t very varied and Deliveroo isn’t available to everybody, so he started thinking more about a solution for this. All In A Box delivers dining experiences to people’s homes with more flavour and more vibes. All In A Box has transformed into a nationwide food delivery service offering corporate catering and private dining.

Lorraine Copes - Be Inclusive Hospitality CIC

Be Inclusive Hospitality is a non-profit organisation led by Lorraine Copes with a mission to accelerate voices, build a strong community and promote racial equality within the hospitality industry. Lorraine noticed the lack of representation of people of colour within leadership roles in this sector and thus Be Inclusive Hospitality was born. With mentorships, a jobs board and workshops to support people of colour in the hospitality industry, Be Inclusive Hospitality is taking the steps needed to give people a voice who may not have previously been heard loud enough! 

Andrea Rodrik & Raphaël Nahoum - Crispy Fantasy

Crispy Fantasy is a high protein, plant-based, gluten-free cereal brand that is aiming to redefine breakfast. Their line of ‘junk-free’ breakfasts aims to produce cereals with only clean ingredients that are described as being ‘wholesome’ and ‘natural.’ Crispy Fantasy products contain four times more protein and at least 50% less sugar than the majority of other leading cereal brands. 

James Eid - Earth & Wheat

James Eid, founder of Earth & Wheat, started baking at a very young age which is how Earth & Wheat came to light. Earth & Wheat is a bread subscription box that is helping to fight and minimise food waste and ‘save the planet one box at a time.’ James distributes fresh bread that would have been binned during the production process due to its appearance, size or overproduction. Earth & Wheat essentially eliminates food waste at the production source as the bread doesn’t even reach the shops. And, starting with rescuing the bread from his family’s bakeries, James hopes to partner with local independent bakeries across the UK as his customer base grows. 

Will Murray & Jack Croft - Fallow Restaurant

Fallow Restaurant is run by Will Murray and Jack Croft who met at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal over five years ago where they received a first-class education on the finest British produce. Murray and Croft share the same passion for creative dishes and sustainable methods. Testament to the success of Fallow Restaurant it has also received a string of accolades and notable recognition from top publications such as Conde Nast.

Leanne & Brian Crowther - Flower and White

Husband and wife Leanne and Brian Crowther, founded Flower and White which offers low-calorie, gluten-free meringue snacks. The sustainable packaging and different approach to the snack market allows Flower and White to take the humble meringue to new heights through incredible product innovation and determination.

Bryony Tinn-Disbury & Jennifer Pardoe - Jack and Bry

Jack and Bry, are creating award-winning plant-based meals and products made from jackfruit. With a range of mince, sausages and burgers. They have also developed a vegan pepperoni which has been created exclusively for Papa John’s and Pizza Express. 

Sam Williams - Las Olas Rum Club

Las Olas Rum Club is a British premium spiced rum brand founded by Sam Williams which was brought about from his experiences in Panama where he found his love of learning the history of rum and finding the best taste. Sam prides his rum on being able to stand the test of time and be enjoyed without cocktail blends or being watered down. 

Sophie & Ian Baron - Mamamade

Mamamade offers a bespoke service that delivers healthy baby food, right to your front door. The founders spotted a gap in the market for healthy baby food that could help other busy parents wean their babies, inspired by the birth of their own child. The meals that are available are all frozen and plant-based and there is an option to order a bespoke box of 12 meals. 

Tom Raviv - Milliways

Milliways is revolutionising chewing gum as we know it, with a better for us and better for the world ethos. The brand is replacing the plastic and artificial ingredients used in conventional gum with plastic-free, biodegradable and plant-based ingredients. Milliways’ mission is to make delicious, plastic-free gum the norm for everyone everywhere. Founder Tom has set out to redefine the chewing gum industry with bold designs and ingredients that will get consumers excited. 

Lucy Busk & Jeremy May - Nice

Nice, is an independent wine company where it’s believed that everybody should have access to the nicest possible wines. They are aiming to disrupt the wine industry like never before. With a range of wines served in cans, there is a wine for every occasion and moment that comes without intimidation and is available for everyone and anyone!

Max Miller & Adam Clark - Ready Burger

Ready Burger, is a restaurant based in London, serving 100% plant-based food, made to a very high standard with a focus on sustainability and the planet. This vegan burger restaurant uses a blend of plant and crop proteins that doesn’t compromise on taste, flavour or texture. 

Philip Linardos and Sajid Ghani - Shelf Now

Shelf Now has created a brand new way to distribute food and beverage products directly from producers to independent buyers and distributors. Wholesale costs can typically be very expensive and buyers may sometimes have trouble sourcing new products which is where Shelf Now comes into play. Shelf Now is aiming to bridge the gap, build relationships and make it simple and affordable to buy directly. With innovation and sustainability at the forefront, Shelf Now are highly motivated in supporting both producers and buyers in this journey.

Victoria Omobuwajo - Sunmo

Sunmo is inspired by the flavours of Nigeria and founder Victoria Omobuwajo’s heritage. Sunmo produces a range of vegan snacks that include banana and vegetable snacks that pack a great deal of flavour, reminiscent of her family’s Nigerian cooking. With 100% natural ingredients you can be sure that you will feel good and eat good while enjoying Sunmo snacks. 

Lunghi Mhlanga - The Treats Club

The Treats Club is a treats business that started out as an online business, in November 2018, but has since branched out into its very own brick and mortar store in London. The concept for The Treats Club is unique and innovative as it allows customers to design their own doughnuts, swirls and milkshakes to create a customised and bespoke sweet treat. With a range of doughnuts made fresh on-site, and ice cream bars all served with a side of marshmallow fluff, ensuring there is something to keep everyone happy!