There are many creative entrepreneurs and businesses that have taken over the creative scene in 2022 and this list rounds up some of the most innovative and unique companies.


The creative industry allows plenty of space to make positive social and environmental changes and this list ranges from cultural festivals to music-inspired dating apps. 

Alongside our partner Starling Bank, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards prides itself in supporting and celebrating the most unique and innovative Creative Entrepreneurs. Continue reading to find out the top 15 Creative Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022 that should definitely be on your radar!

Alessandro and Emilia De Stasio - Artscapy

Alessandro and Emilia De Stasio are the co-founders of Artscapy - a platform for fine art collecting that has been built by collectors specifically for collectors. Both Alessandro and Emilia are art collectors and they have combined this passion with their backgrounds in business and finance to create Artscapy. Artscapy aims to change the art world by making art more accessible and break down the barriers that are so frequently seen in the art market.

Nicole Crentsil, Black Girl Fest

Black Girl Fest is the UK’s first arts and culture festival dedicated to Black women, girls and non-binary people. Priding itself as being more than just a festival, Black Girl Fest is all about building an ecosystem and community that provides spaces for connection and growth. They cater to a community that is often ignored and they are fuelled by the aim to spark social, economic and educational change.

Michael Jenkins and Dr Mena Fombo - Blak Wave

Blak Wave Productions is on a mission to revolutionise what stories are being told and who is telling them. Blak Wave is an independent production company that wants its content to better reflect our society, provide a voice to unheard voices and tell untold stories. The content that they produce is inspiring, imaginative and representative which is everything a production company should be. 

Kirstie Smith - Cake

Cake, founded by Kirstie Smith, is an agency built by retailers, especially for retailers. Cake offers expertise and knowledge to a new generation of entrepreneurs who are hoping to build their brand online. Cake advises businesses of all sizes and helps companies transform and perfect their online presence and digital strategy. 

Esther Knight - Fanfare Label

Fanfare Label, founded by Ester Knight, is a sustainable womenswear brand that aims to offer simple solutions to the often complex problems found in the fashion industry. Fanfare’s mission is to tackle the waste crisis that fashion has helped create. Essentially, Fanfare aims to change the way people buy, wear and consume clothing by transforming vintage pieces to unique contemporary designs.

Chris Mansfield and Omar Mughal - Good Course

Good Course, founded by Chris Mansfield and Omar Mughal, is offering an innovative learning platform designed to help businesses reach remote workers. The platform has also been designed to help make learning more accessible and enjoyable through short-form L&D content paired with Tik-Tok-style explainer videos to accompany this. 

Mike Craddock and Chris Parnell - Kairos Group

Kairos Group has been named as one of the fastest-growing social creative agencies in the UK and it is easy to see why. Kairos Group is a global network of agencies that are transforming how communities engage with brands and they are always looking for new and innovative ways to do this. They are a global gaming media company helping brands break into this industry. Led by a team of experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge - it is clear to see why Kairos Group have been producing cutting-edge campaigns since being founded in 2015.

Julia Bancilhon - Made of Matter

Julia Bancilhon is the founder of wallpaper brand - Made of Matter, a brand that is creating wallpaper for maximalist taste with minimal waste. To avoid excess waste, the wallpaper is only produced to order which stands by the brand’s mission statement. When a customer orders wallpaper, Made to Matter will then digitally print the wallpaper to the exact dimensions.

Callum Murphy - Make Us Care

Make Us Care, founded by Callum Murphy, is a creative agency that helps businesses to transform into brands that people will actually care about. Make Us Care works closely with brands to listen, learn and communicate with their customers or people that they exist for in order to get their message across. They aim to tell a brand’s story with care so that their customers will in turn care about who they are and what they do.

Johann Bödecker & Jamie Hall - Pentatonic

Pentatonic is the world’s first circular economy business that silently supports a lot of major brands worldwide to transform into a circular economy future. What started off as predominantly product design has now transformed into an innovation-led consultancy business that works with a range of clients across multiple industries to build and implement bespoke sustainability solutions. 

Vihan Patel - POM

POM, founded by Vihan Patel, is a London-based dating app that aims to match users based on their emotional responses to music. Its matches are made on psychological compatibility rather than just attraction alone. The app matches users based on their imported Spotify or Apple music libraries and six random questions that all help build the user’s emotional profile. The data is analysed and collected and their emotional reaction to certain music helps determine what this says about their character.

Elinor Pitt - Stitched

Elinor Pitt is the founder of Stitched which is aiming to reimagine the UK’s curtain and blind industry and revamp it with a modern twist. Stitched is an online-only business which may seem confusing at first as curtains and blinds are incredibly difficult to purchase online due to the dimensions of windows alternating as no two windows are ever the same. Stitched has solved this problem by developing 3D customisation and augmented reality technology to configure curtains and blinds along with the opportunity to automatically measure your window size.

Daniel Saxby, The Elephant Room

The Elephant Room is an award-winning creative agency that helps to build inclusivity throughout brands founded by Daniel Saxby. They help to build brands that take people’s needs into consideration and also the impact that they will have on the planet. Their ‘desire to do things differently’ is a driving force behind their work ethic and mission statement. The main aim of The Elephant Room is to directly address the lack of diversity and inclusion that can be seen in advertising.

Mark Chaplin and Kelli Fairbrother - xigxag

xigxag wants everyone to enjoy more books, co-founders Mark Chaplin and Kelli Fairbrother are aiming to revolutionise reading as we know it. The xigxag app offers users the first-ever fully integrated listen-and-read experience at an incredibly affordable price without a subscription. The books are called x-books and take on a completely new feature for audiobooks as now you can search, see illustrations, take notes, look up words, switch to reading or just simply listen along.

Josh Deal - Zebr

Zebr, founded by Josh Deal, is an app that allows artists to send their music to influencers and brands so that they can be used in their video content on platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. The app helps offer a wide range of influencers to find artists that suit their audience. In the app itself, artists can choose who they want to submit their music to which gives them an opportunity to reach bigger audiences.