South-Wales-based firm, Mazuma Money, Co-Founded by one of our judges Lucy Cohen, has recently rocked the market with the launch of their own bookkeeping software built for small businesses, which can be bought as part of their subscription service. They are the UK’s leading Online Accountants for small and micro-businesses – and have been for over 15 years. So with their success in the accounting industry, why not branch it even further and combine both tech and accounting. 

Mazuma Money people

Since Mazuma’s initial launch in 2006, the multi-award-winning firm has made its way in the small business market by using its innovative system to handle clients’ accounts; and they’ve now made an entrance into the tech space, in a way that is sure to ruffle some feathers.  

The introduction of their new app, Mazapp may seem like it has similar features to its competitors, like Xero, however, they have one main advantage…. The Mazapp is run by physical accountants. Many bookkeeping services use automation as a way of holding their customer’s data and performing their tasks. Yet, in the case of Mazapp, there are accountants behind the app that do all of the data entry and analysis for you. That means that you can’t use incorrect figures that were accidentally submitted, or make mistakes that may affect your end result because everything you do is checked and verified by an accountant.  

The app allows you to easily file your receipts as soon as you receive them. So there is no need to keep your receipts in paper form – simply scan your receipts or use their Freepost purple envelopes to send the invoices directly. Scanning machines will then upload your invoices automatically. As a small business, finding ways to simplify your money management can save significant time, stress, and pressure when facing your yearly tax and accounting duties. Using Mazuma and Mazapp can make this a much smoother, simpler process. 

When asked why they decided to go down the route of having real-life accountants behind the app, Co-Founder Lucy Cohen said; 

“We know what small businesses need. They need a reliable bit of software with a great accountant to call on for help if they need it. What they don’t need is to spend hours inputting data themselves, only for an accountant to tell them they’ve done it wrong!” 

She continued by saying; “We built MazApp to make data entry accessible for everyone – and that means that our specialists handle it. We use a combination of the latest technology combined with highly-trained accountants to get results.” 

The app has a number of helpful features such as; invoicing, VAT filing, receipt capture and the ability to link MazApp to your bank accounts. If businesses were to use Mazapp, they predict that their software will save business owners on average 6 hours per month of admin. Whilst saving the worry of any extra bills of taxes. 

The launch of the app is so exciting for Mazuma Money and we predict it’s going to be one to watch.