Here are four top tips on how you can use Global Entrepreneurship Week to boost your sales from our PR partners JournoLink and a special offer to help you win a PR-generated sales boost.

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Using a specific event when the media will be paying particular attention to small businesses is one of the best times to catch the eye of journalists. And why is that important? – Because 9 out of 10 of us make our buying decisions based on trusted reviews, and over half of us trust journalists more than anyone else in providing those reviews!

As a business Global Entrepreneurship Week, taking place from the 14 to the 20th of November this year is one of the top annual events you can make the most of.

How? Here are four top tips:

  • Create news, not an advert. Journalists look for something that will interest their readers – telling a compelling story is a must.
  • Craft a captivating headline. You need to capture the eye of the journalist in just a few seconds – the headline is the most important part of a press release.
  • Add an irresistible image. A relevant image that will draw the eye of a reader into an article will often be the difference between getting picked up and getting overlooked. Make sure you add the killer image.
  • Target the right journalists. Finding and making sure that the journalists who are most likely to be interested in your story are the ones that you target will boost the chances of winning media coverage.

The special Global Entrepreneurship Partner Offer JournoLink has to offer is a three-month supported package to help you start using PR to grow your sales for just £150.

And here are more details about the GBEA PR Hub with weekly updates, PR templates, more advice, free webinars and additional offers.

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