We’re sending congratulations to Image Curators Artist Advisory today after the news that their brand new podcast got off to a storming start. 

Artist Toolbox Podcast No1

Image Curators were the winners of our second GBEA Community Grant competition in partnership with FreshBooks, securing a podcast launch package worth £2,700 from The Ultimate Podcast Group. 

The Artist’s Toolbox, hosted by Image Curators’ founder Imane Bouhlou and Francesca Budini Gattai, is dedicated to supporting emerging artists with advice on how to present and sell their artworks online. 

Immediately after launching the first episode of the podcast, The Artist’s Toolbox reached No.6 in the Visual Arts category in the UK and No.6 in the same category in Romania. It also reached the top 50 for Visual Arts, ‘New Show in the Arts’, and ‘New Business Show’ categories globally.

The podcast provides comprehensive solutions to help artists achieve clarity in their artistic research, make the most of the available digital tools, and introduce themselves in the art world. 

The package included full editing and audio production of an initial three launch episodes, including everything from system setup to content hosting and distribution. The business also benefited from promotion assets such as intro/outro theme music, artwork, and launch campaign management.

The Artist’s Toolbox Podcast is available to listen on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast and Amazon Music.