Corporate governance is the structure of rules, practices, and policies that underpin how you direct and manage your company, and for most founders, especially those of growing businesses is not your most pressing priority. 


Corporate governance can be a distraction from finding a buyer for your firm, handing it over to your heirs, or investing in your next venture. 

However, corporate governance can help founders like you switch your business plan by: 

  • Demonstrating your business sustainability credentials, an increasingly important part of buyers’ due diligence processes, and their identification of acquisition targets. 
  • Supporting your stakeholders as they adapt to change, helping to smooth tensions and provide business continuity through the tense sales process. 
  • Helping you disentangle commercial and personal wealth, is a key part of building a financial plan and the resources for your next venture. 

The latest report by our partner UBS is the last in a series examining how corporate governance can be a worthwhile early investment for founders. Today’s report discusses how investing in corporate governance can help you switch your business plan. 

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