Ever wondered if you really need alcohol to have the confidence to approach that person at the bar or dance like no one’s watching? 

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Ellie Webb, founder of Caleno, the non-alcoholic drinks brand, recently teamed up with Thursday dating app to prove that you definitely don’t! 

Great British Entrepreneur Awards alumni Ellie has spoken openly about how her brand was born out of the frustration of the tasteless non-alcoholic drinks on the market when she was on a night out during a ‘Dry January’ stint. 

Caleño sets out to offer its customers the true joy of not drinking, with a range of flavour-filled non-alcoholic spirits that doesn’t compromise on flavour and joy.

You may not be convinced, but the demand for non-alcoholic drinks is growing, and to show people you can still have fun and enjoy flavorful drinks, Ellie teamed up with Thursday as a ‘secret sponsor’ to bust the myth that you need alcohol to enjoy your night out, or approach that person at the bar. 

The event hosted by Thursday was free and exclusive to all of their members, with all drinks provided by Caleño…. But attendees didnt know they were alcohol-free. 

“Here at Thursday, we’re really passionate about moderation when drinking and encouraging our members to be better in person. 

“The pressure to drink when dating is tremendous so we partnered with Caleño to prove that you don’t need to get ‘hammered’ to gain the confidence to talk to someone you fancy”

The social experiment completed proved that people really don’t need alcohol to have fun and the main thing you need is courage and self-confidence. 

Find out how it went down here, and see what the guest had to say about Caleño: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6994292250419544064/ 

See the full range of Caleño products here and test it out yourself.