A new website plug-in is set to challenge the global download market. Monkrat is a new e-shop solution which will allow businesses anywhere to easily sell digital products over the internet.

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Monkrat provides a secure and customisable e-shop plug-in which allows over 1.25 billion internet users worldwide to download and distribute digital content. The plug-in is unique, as it gives people the ability to easily set up downloads in under half an hour with simple, non-technical design tools. The plug-in fits into any existing website, and delivers the file safely and securely once payment has been accepted. Monkrat also deal with all the file storage and back-up.

Dan Winters, 34, director of Monkrat, built and developed his company in order to create an easy and quick digital download. “It struck me that any one great article has got the potential to be recognised and sell over and over again,” he said. “By using the plug-in, anyone can have the opportunity to globally sell their digital products at an affordable, commission-free price.”

With 13 years’ leading-edge technical achievements and IT experience, Dan has constantly been pushing industry boundaries forward. He was the innovator of ShootLive digital technology, which enables professional photographers to transfer a large number of images immediately from any major news, entertainment or sporting event.

“After working on ShootLive, I felt it was time to set up on my own,” he continued. “It took me and my team of programmers and designers 10 months to complete the software, and I’m very happy with the result as the download possibilities within Monkrat are endless.”

Monkrat’s service can be used for anything that can be made into a file and downloaded – books, music, videos, images, documents and software for example. This makes it ideal for businesses.

“The plug-in can provide a good income stream for small businesses as its white label-able,” said Dan. “They can benefit from turning off the payment mechanism and using the plug-in as a document distribution system.”

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June 2007

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