Over the years the beauty industry has received its fair share of backlash over its impact on the environment, whether it be for excessive use of plastic, ingredients used, or the way products are tested. But brands like UpCircle Beauty are breaking down barriers and paving the way for more eco-friendly beauty brands


The latest trend to have gained traction in the beauty industry is plastic negative beauty - encouraging brands to use less plastic in their product packaging, and introducing the use of recycled, biodegradable materials in replacement. 

2021 Great British Entrepreneur Award winner and StartUp Awards judge Anna Brightman, founder of UpCircle Beauty, is one of the first beauty brands to become introduce this initiative and is a perfect influence for other brands within their industry.  

As well as their commitments to using less to no plastic, Anna also helps other brands to do so, ‘For every product we sell, we are contributing a percentage towards vetted impact programs that will remove more plastic waste from the environment than we create in our packaging and operations,’ 

‘Plastic neutral would be the removal of as much plastic as your brand uses, plastic negative means we remove twice as much as we use,’ Anna explained. 

UpCircle Beauty is also setting trends, and helping fight back against the downward spiral the environment is seeing, by producing water-free products. For many years, water has been used as the top ingredient to formulate beauty products, including haircare, skincare, and makeup. And whilst it may seem like an inexpensive ingredient to use, 1.8 billion people around the world will live in countries or regions with water scarcity by 2025, so brands need to be coming up with innovative ways to become more eco-friendly, and use less water.

“As global demand for water increases, waterless beauty is a quick and easy way to reduce water consumption,” 

“Waterless products often weigh less than their counterparts too, meaning they have a much lower carbon footprint,” said Anna. 

UpCircle now offers a plethora of waterless products and plans to introduce even more to their range. As they continue their eco-friendly journey, they encourage other beauty brands to do the same - and we hope they do too. 

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