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We want to uncover the best new businesses across the United Kingdom. We understand the time, energy, patience, creativity, resilience and love it takes to not only get a business off the ground, but turn it into a viable opportunity.

Brought to you in collaboration between the founders of the Wales Start-Up Awards and the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, the StartUp Awards National Series is taking its passion and drive to celebrate new business and extending across the whole of the United Kingdom.

Join us to give a well-deserved platform to the new business champions.

Reaching every corner

Having recently completed its sixth year, the Wales Start-Up Awards are the only awards programme in the UK to focus specifically on celebrating the success of new businesses across all sectors. We are now taking this mission to all corners of the United Kingdom covering nine different regions:

National StartUp Awards Regions

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We have lots of ways you can show your support and benefit from the inaugural StartUp Awards National Series.

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The good stuff

Supporting the next generation of businesses doesn’t just give you a warm fuzzy feeling (we guarantee it will), but also positions your organisation as ahead of the curve and shows strength investing in the future.

You will also benefit from:

National startup awards - Brand

 Positioning your brand alongside a positive, exciting initiative 

National startup awards - Laptop Access

Access to data which has been carefully built, maintained and loved over many years 

National startup awards - Share

A platform to share your brand story - perhaps your brands rise to success?

National startup awards - Meeting people

Picking up new business on their next stage of growth

National startup awards - Leaders

Being seen as the leaders in your sector, showing resilience throughout Covid

Plus, the programme will be supported by a national publication, Fresh Business Thinking - telling the stories of founders and also our partners.

The Wales Start-Up Awards; A springboard for National Expansion

New firms are the lifeblood of any growing economy as they create wealth, develop innovation and, most importantly, generate jobs in local communities.

With research showing that new businesses create the majority of employment in any economy, they are making a real difference every day in improving prosperity across Wales.

The Wales Start-Up Awards were established in 2016 to recognise the achievements of those amazing individuals who have had a great idea, spotted the opportunity and taken the risks to launch a new product or service. Such entrepreneurs and their new ventures are the unsung heroes of the business community and we feel it is important, now more than ever, to recognise their talents, creativity and sheer hard work.

Find out more about the Wales Start-up Awards here for a flavour of what’s to come nationally!

Startup awards - Wales
Startup awards - Wales
Startup awards - Wales

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