By Lea Pachta

MPs have ‘exposed the lies’ that Kraft used in its controversial takeover of Cadbury, Unite, the largest union in the country, said today.

Jack Dromey, Unite’s deputy general secretary, was commenting after the all-party business select committee grilled three top Kraft executives for two hours today on their conduct during the £12 billion takeover which has left a question mark over the future of the 6,000-strong UK workforce.

Jack Dromey, who also gave evidence to the committee, said: ”Parliament has exposed the truth. Kraft lied.

”6,000 Cadbury workers will never trust Kraft’s chief executive officer Irene Rosenfeld unless she personally meets the workers and guarantees investment, no factory closures or compulsory redundancies and that their pay and pensions are safe for five years.

”The all-party select committee forced Kraft to take stumbling steps in the right direction, but the company needs to go further and agree a five-year guarantee to rebuild trust.

”The lasting legacy of this shameful saga must then be a new ‘Cadbury’s law’ banning hostile takeovers cloaked in secrecy of successful British companies. Never again.”

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