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  • Growing your brand with social media

    Growing your brand with social media


    In a recent roundtable with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and haysmacintyre, we sat down with ten social media entrepreneurs and experts to discuss the best ways to grow your brand on social media, including successful strategies, how personal branding has changed, and what the future holds for social media marketing.

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    4 uncommon ways to learn more about your audience


    Our partners at ScoreApp tell us their top tips on how you can learn more about your audience: 

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    How to improve your business planning with GAIN LINE


    A business plan is a document that provides entrepreneurs with the ability to track set goals and objectives to see if their business is heading in the correct direction. Writing a business plan doesn’t have to be a huge document, instead, it can be a tool or ...

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    How social media could help skyrocket your business


    Social media has been on the rise over the last decade, and it’s now an essential platform for businesses to use, as it’s a quick and effective way to grow brand awareness, find your audience and create loyalty - ultimately creating more leads for your business.

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    The importance of consistent branding


    When you think of businesses like Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s the first thing that comes to mind is their distinctive branding - and that’s down to their consistency.

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    What can a Growth Sprint do for my business?


    What is a Growth Sprint and how does it work? If there are elements of your business that you feel isn’t progressing as fast or effectively as you would like, a Growth Sprint could be the solution. Ordinarily, a Growth Sprint is facilitated within a workshop-style ...

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    How to drive growth through customer experience


    We’ve seen the customer experience change and evolve in recent years, with digitalisation taking over and the pandemic changing consumer behaviours drastically. Barry McNeill, founder of Work Extraordinary, joined us in a recent webinar to help you beat this killer growth pain by explaining how you can evolve more positively, and keep your customer front of mind. 

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    2022 Business consulting trends with GAIN LINE


    The global consulting sector in 2022 is worth a vast £10 billion and with more businesses needing the services, it’s going to keep expanding. As the market grows, this can bring more challenges to your business as new trends are formed meaning new factors will need to be implemented

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    The StartUp Academy: How to become a known authority in your industry


    Most successful business owners will tell you that one of the keys to success is being a known authority within your industry. But what does that mean? And why is it so important?

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    Creating the perfect pitch deck with Canva


    A pitch deck is the first tool of communication and the perfect introduction for businesses approaching potential investors - whether it’s in person or via email. It acts as a sales pitch for your business that can be distributed to anyone, allowing people to understand your business idea, discover the business’s character, and understand its full potential - allowing them to decide whether or not they want to invest.

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    The future of digital marketing: Where does it lie?


    The latest roundtable hosted by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and haysmacintye saw a group of founders and digital marketing experts discussing the future of digital marketing, providing their opinions, predictions and expertise.

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    Ideas Fest: Responsible business in a changing world

    Wed 2nd & Thu 3rd August 2023, Wickham, Hampshire, UK - a festival for all disruptors, creatives, change-makers, decision-makers & the curious.

  • Influencer transparency is key

    #nofilter is NOT enough: Consumers demand influencer transparency


    As consumers clamour for authentic content, the ‘Everyday Influencer’ reigns supreme. What does this means for businesses relying on influencer marketing?

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    A London-based agency is building a digital home for global influencers


    Don’t be fooled by cringe posts about #entitledinfluencers begging for freebies in exchange for ‘promos’. Influencers are actually not getting the recognition they deserve. Morteza Maleki Raee, CEO of the House of Influence (HOI) explains.

  • Ritchie Mehta

    FBT Career Conversations: Marketing 101


    What does it take to be a marketer? What does the job actually entail and do you need a degree? We speak to Ritchie Mehta, founder of the School of Marketing to cut through the noise.

  • Fake online reviews can turn off your potential customers

    Can you survive Amazon's biggest Achilles' Heel? How fake online reviews can decimate online brands


    Huge brands like Amazon aren’t the only ones struggling to weed out fake reiews. 4 in 10 UK businesses are being slated by online reviews to the point where it’s damaging their reputation and customer reach.

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    How to build a better network with Oli Barrett MBE


    Meet the most connected man in Britain. Oli Barrett MBE is a serial entrepreneur and networking aficionado. Watch this exclusive interview where he shares his top secrets networking secrets.

  • People flock to physical stores

    Strong April store sales hit e-commerce hard


    The reopening of non-essential stores in April saw high street sales land a heavy blow to online shopping. April’s ONS retail figures show store sales bouncing back from the ropes, but the momentum is still with e-commerce, according to business experts.  

  • Primark can learn from Poundland's move to ecommerce

    As Poundland kicks off home delivery trials, how long can Primark hold out?


    The discount retailer Poundland is trialling online sales. That leaves only a few High Street chains, such as Primark, holding out against the move online. It won’t be long before every UK store joins the e-commerce revolution, says ParcelHero.

  • Industry experts predict a UK retail renaissance

    Lockdown vs lockdown: Industry experts predict a UK retail renaissance


    Online sales rocketed 62% this March over lockdown March 2020. What does this mean for UK independent retailers?