Businesses, including SMEs, are worried about the amount of money that inefficient middle-management is costing them, a new study shows.Data revealed in a report from global management consultancy, the Hay Group, shows that four in ten (38 per cent) of British businesses questioned felt that inefficient middle-managers were the greatest barrier to growth.The report concluded that this, which it called a ‘cooperate souffle effect’ because organisations’ middle sections are collapsing, could be costing the UK economy £220 billion in lost efficiency. Overall, 54 per cent of companies felt that there middle-management did not share the company’s strategic goals and 62 per cent thought their managers lacked vital management and leadership skills."British business leaders are struggling to compete in a challenging global economy because middle-management lacks the skills to make business strategy happen," the report’s author, Giles Walker said to report stressed that, for businesses to improve the situation, they should concentrate on the training of their middle-managers to operate more effectively.© Adfero Ltd

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