By Maximilian Clarke

Frequently looking for a place to shop that satisfies their consumer needs away from the ‘chaotic’ high street, male shoppers are increasingly driving the growth of eCommerce, a study suggests.

The study also found that men are more likely than women to conduct price comparisons online, with 63% of men researching products on deal sites compared to 52% of women.

The research, from market research specialists, Mintel, also suggests that male shopping behaviour is driven by convenience and the potential to save money, particularly with regards to technology, electronics and, perhaps surprisingly, fragrances.

The growth of Shopow has heralded the arrival of the steadfast social shopping search engine a place where the human aspect of high street shopping is brought online, but without the interference of the sales assistants.

Men outspend women by buying in bulk online, primarily because they are price conscious and secondly because it places them in a stress-free, relaxed environment in which they can view all the things they want in one place, without the stress of carrying heavy bags around the high street.

“When it comes to explaining why men shop online they list the overall convenience, cost-saving, time-saving and ease-of-use of the Internet,” said Shopow’s CEO, Mark Flood. “Shopow now fulfils these needs and friends can increasingly involve each other in product reviews and purchases by discussing their views on quality, price and the service provided.”

The great news for online bargain hunters is the fact that thousands of shops and millions of products are registered with the site including most high street favourites. Not only does this allow users to compare goods by criteria such as price, retailer, service and delivery; Shopow’s integration of various social functions (including links with Facebook and Twitter) also helps shoppers find all the information they need to make the right decisions when buying online.

“Our shopping habits are changing,” added Mike Harty, Shopow’s Chief Operating Officer and co-founder, “It’s a fact that men buy and women shop and women buy new products even though they continue to express satisfaction with their old brands. However, younger males show a greater tendency for becoming more image conscious therefore they are set to follow in women‚s footsteps by seeking approval from their friends online, this is one aspect in which Shopow can satisfy those personal needs.”
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