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We spoke to Martin Broadhurst, digital marketing manager at Katapult Inbound to find out a little more about his upcoming presentation at the Digital Marketing Show.

We started by asking Martin what one thing he'd like the audience to take away from his presentation. He said: "I'd like them to see digital marketing complete end-to-end process, and to look at the tactics within that as having a place, but not being the be all and end all - so not being entirely reliant on pay-per-click, for instance. Pay-per-click serves a role as being the part to get found in the whole process, but what about the conversions? What about the lead generation and the lead nurturing, beyond that? That's where email comes in. I think people need to look at their digital marketing strategy holistically, rather than just seeing it as being a sort of 'pick and choose, pick'n'mix' of digital marketing tactics."

Digital marketers are really starting to talk about what links there could be when wearable technology hits the mass market. So we asked Martin what he thinks of it.

"Wearable technology. It's coming, in a big way" he started. "I'm a huge fan of it - I was looking at things like the Pebble watch, myself. I haven't made the jump yet, but I'm really interest in what Android Wear are doing. I think the Google space and the Android ecosystem, there's going to be some massive benefits there... I think there's loads more to come; embedded technology in t-shirts, in shoes, you name it, [it's] coming. I'm exited. Looking forward to it."

Back to the nitty-gritty digital marketing stuff. How important is brand storytelling for a new business?

"I think it's really important. You can see from our stand behind me is very 'children's story book-led'. We've taken it in the most literal sense it can possibly be taken. But I think there is a lot to be said for it. Brand storytelling enables brands to make an emotional connection, enables people to really buy into what the brand is doing, and trying to buy something from someone for the cause, rather than the outcome."