loxone-app-room-mode Image: Quest End

Unlike the home, business premises often remain unoccupied for long periods of time leaving them exposed to the threat of intruders who could steal or damage thousands of pounds worth of property, severely jeopardising the whole business. Consequently having a robust solution in place that keeps your stock, property and staff, safe and secure is imperative. Rapid developments in smart technology mean it’s now possible for business owners to have full control and access to their security systems via a tablet or smartphone device wherever they are in the world.

Here we look at some of the most innovative solutions that business owners are using to secure their livelihoods:

The basics

As part of installing any kind of smart security system you will need to ensure you have a robust network set-up, if Wi-Fi is being used then something like Ruckus will ensure that you have the necessary enterprise level network technology needed to meet the demand of high-bandwidth applications and services typically required for smart security systems.

Smart access from anywhere in the world

Traditionally, business alarm systems have been linked to the police or a third party manned response provider but the advent of smart control solutions that integrate with the alarm system negates the need for this and instead provides the business owner with immediate control, should any unusual behaviour be detected on the premises. The likes of Loxone, Creston and Savant are all smart control systems that link any number of different security solutions together and allow control and access through one central app.

If part of your system includes CCTV then you can review footage and reset the alarm directly from your device ensuring you have complete control at all times of the day (and night). You can also activate privileged access settings where you provide certain levels of control of the security system to trusted individuals.

Unexpected visitor

For business premises with small numbers of staff, it is commonplace to have an unexpected visitor who needs to make a delivery or collect a package when no one is there. By integrating your smart system into your CCTV and door entry system you can quickly see who your unexpected visitor is, decide whether to provide them with access, disarm the system, monitor their movements and then re-arm the system as soon as they have gone whether you’re on holiday, out for dinner or in a business meeting. In addition if you need to provide access to certain employees out of hours then incorporating facial recognition or biometrics into your entry system provides the perfect solution.

Advanced CCTV Analytics

There are many advantages to having CCTV on your premises and it is believed that having CCTV considerably reduces your chances of an intruder. Today’s sophisticated CCTV solutions come with HD cameras, night vision and a recordable hard drive which can be linked to sync up to your mobile devices so that footage can be viewed anywhere. Some have advanced analytical functions so that triggers can be set for specific events such as loitering outside the property or crossing a virtual tripwire. You can also have a snapshot emailed to you showing illustrative evidence of before, during and after of a potential trespasser on your property which is particularly useful if he or she has been smart enough to locate your CCTV recorder.

Insider Threat

Threats to your business don’t always come from the outside so it is just as important to secure your assets from potential internal imposters. Certain CCTV solutions allow you to activate a setting called stolen object analytics which is especially useful for high value goods as it detects if something has been removed. Using a door access system is particularly handy if you only want certain people to have access to specific areas on the property.

Natural disaster

A security system is usually used to protect your business from theft and intrusion but natural events such as flooding pose just as big a threat to business continuity. Flood sensors can be installed to shut systems down and instantly alert the business owner to the problem via their mobile device. Similarly it could be that you need to maintain a certain temperature within your premises because you are producing a particular food type or product; electricity and heat sensors can be installed to flag any change in the environment so that the issue can be quickly rectified and prevent any spoiling of stock.

Smart security solutions are offering business owners a greater level of control over their business security than ever before and with technology advancing at an unerring pace it’s clear to see why many businesses are looking to smart automation to help protect their most prized commercial assets.

By Liam Parker, managing director, Quest End