Small businesses can find that a well-constructed website becomes an "invaluable tool" when it comes to affordable marketing.That is according to Andy Rose, director of web design agency Duo Design, who said that even the smallest company websites can be "an invaluable asset in raising the profile of your company and its services at a relatively low cost"."First impressions used to be based on the size of your office, your car or your swanky suit; it tends now to be your home page," Mr Rose added."Never before has a business image and professionalism in all aspect of marketing been so important, and your web presence is obviously at the forefront."He added that not having an online presence is fast becoming more of an issue for small companies than taking the time to create one."It's common now to receive a phone call from a prospective client asking for your web address, if they have not already found it online," Mr Rose said. A recent report from Yahoo! and ChannelForce found that consumers who researched products online spend ten per cent more on average when making a purchase in store.© Adfero Ltd