CCTV (2)

24/7 network monitoring and security will help your organisation identify threats and monitor users on your networks. We partner with OpenDNS to protect our clients’ data and provide automated enforcement of corporate security policies. Remote workers and their mobile devices can be monitored using this solution to protect your organisation’s network. More details can be found here.

  1. Negligence and accidental risks in the home
Even when your employees are working from home using your secure VPN, VDI or remote desktop, there can be other risks that need to be considered. Children and pets can be a surprising threat! Cats have a habit of jumping on computer keyboards and inquisitive minds might press a few keys when a laptop is unattended. These kinds of risks should be addressed in your remote working / security policies to ensure that your staff take every feasible step to protect your systems at all times.

By Carl Henriksen, Managing Director, OryxAlign