By Suzanne Butler, Group Marketing Manager, smartFOCUS

This economic climate of increased taxes, diminishing real-terms earnings, and cautious consumers means that brands — all brands — need to maximise revenues from customers. They must work smarter than ever to reduce churn, maintain& improve sales, and to grow loyalty.

At times like these marketers of any channel, vertical, or territory need to go back to best practice basics, whilst embracing new channels and technology. Prioritising your CRM (Customer relationship management) activities is tough; we believe that among the key actions to ensuring a successful 2011 is to focus on the customer, here’s how:

• Discover exactly who your customers are

• Identify what they buy or don’t buy

• Explore their social & family groups

• Track and leverage customers’ preferred contact channel(s)

• Use social networks as both an outbound and inbound channel

• Combine online, offline, and social channel communications

• Collect, monitor and react to customer information across all touch-points

Segmentation of customers based on transaction, interaction, and demographics needs to be performed on a regular basis, with the movement of customers between groups measured and acted upon. A granular level understanding of changing behaviours needs to direct pricing, product placement and campaign call to actions.

Creating KPIs to index and compare existing customer groups is needed as the traditional acquisition of new customers can no longer be relied on. Inciting customers to advocate your products or services across social networks can be crucial in opening up and influencing new markets & be used as a next generation customer acquisition channel.

Working harder doesn’t always equate to working smarter. smartFOCUS provides clients with the solution and support that enables them to fulfil their business & marketing requirements. At TFM&A 2011 we will be showcasing the smartFOCUS solution incorporating the marketing methods that can be used to drive the understanding and campaign strategies that build real value in your customer base.
Our customers understand their customers.

Visit smartFOCUS on stand E16 at TFM&A, 1-2 March, Earls Court 2, London and find out how, and to get a first look at our new product: fast and effective data analysis available through a web platform.

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