Small businesses are becoming increasingly interested in voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone calling, according to a new report.Market leader Skype has claimed that 30 per cent of its 200 million users are businesses, although the Ovum study questions how often these individuals actually use the service.As Skype offers basic VoIP calling for free the consultancy argues that many business users may just have registered for occasional long distance phone calls, for instance for contacting customers overseas.However, the free or very low cost nature of these new operators is seen as a major challenge to established telecoms companies, which the consultancy believes should be offering similar 'budget' options and looking to raise revenues through additional services."End-user research commissioned by Ovum shows that SMEs are keen on VoIP," says the report."Telcos should play to their strengths and emphasise their superior quality of service and support capabilities, the breadth of their service offerings as well as their strong reputation in this market."© Adfero Ltd