By Maximilian Clarke

The innovations and innovators that have helped to shape our lives were formally recognised at the prestigious T3 Gadget Awards yesterday (Monday) at Old Bilingsgate Market in London.

Some 950,000 reader votes whittled the thousands of gadgets that come into the hands of the celebrated gadget magazine into shortlists for the 13 categories, before a panel of 6 tech-savvy judges made their final decisions.

The most coveted award of the 13 categories- Gadget of the Year- featured a shortlist dominated by smartphones. While the award went to the revolutionary Xbox Kinect controller, the HTC Incredible S, Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy SII and Motorola Atrix all made it to the final- along with the iPad 2 and Kindle.

Phones were also recognised in with their own award category- Phone of the Year, which went to Samsung’s Galaxy S II; whilst Motorola’s Atrix was shortlisted for the ‘Innovation of the Year’ Award.

The ‘Work Gadget of the Year’ award went, predictably, to a BlackBerry- the Bold 9780, as smartphones’ integration into the modern office has led to a serious blurring of the work/play division.

Google were crowned ‘Tech Brand of the Year’ largely in recognition of the role Android has played in speeding up competition in the smartphone market, along with a host of new features recently unveiled by the tech giant:

With the Google Chrome OS coming soon, and the prospect of Google TV reaching the UK, the company that's also a verb when it comes to using its search engine is now far more than just a search engine company.

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