By Max Clarke

US computer manufacturer Dell, Inc. (NASDAQ: Dell) has delivered strong half-year results, posting a 54% jump in operating income.

The Texas-based tech giant increased its focus on small and medium businesses, posting 5% earnings growth for the sector- compared to a 1% growth for large enterprises and a 3% drop in the company’s consumer electronics revenue.

Specifically, Dell KACE- the company’s IT and asset management hardware branch for businesses employing fewer than 200 staff- surged ahead in popularity, adding 600 new employees in the second quarter alone. Sales of servers jumped 17% and storage by a further 11%.

At $3.7 billion, Dell’s Small and Medium Business unit accounts for almost a quarter of Dell’s growing, $15.5 billion revenue stream and this figure appears set to increase.

“Our results for the first half of the fiscal year reflect our commitments and are enabling us to accelerate the reshaping of our portfolio while delivering substantially higher operating income,” commented Dell’s Chief Financial Officer, Brian Gladden. “We’re maintaining our focus on developing higher-value solutions and services to drive stronger profitability and smartly manage a balance of growth, increased operating income and cash flow.”

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