By Claire West

StartUp Britain has announced it has re-branded its domain from .org to .CO, reflecting the trend among start-ups for short, accessible web addresses.

The national enterprise campaign has partnered with .CO Internet, the company behind the .CO domain, to offer new and growing businesses even easier access to its initiatives, information and resources.

Emma Jones, co-founder of StartUp Britain said: “Being able to build a business using the simplest, most memorable web address is key for any young business looking to get a foothold in the world.

We’re really excited that we can move over to this ground-breaking new domain name and join forces with .CO Internet to offer new businesses that sign up on our bus tour their own .CO domain, free for a year. It will give them a really good start…and save us all a few taps on the keyboard!”

Juan Diego Calle, Founder & CEO of .CO said: “We are thrilled that StartUp Britain has chosen to make its online home at - providing valuable resources and connections to help entrepreneurs across the UK to build and grow their businesses online. Entrepreneurship is critical to every country's long term success, and as a start-up ourselves, we're inspired by the movement that StartUp Britain is creating to help drive the global economy forward.”

The campaign follows the trend of other high profile companies like Google and Twitter, which have already snapped-up .CO domains for parts of their business.

The UK is seeing record numbers of people setting up businesses. According to the latest statistics on the StartUp Britain Tracker, 363,595 have registered companies this year, with more than a fifth of the adult-aged population engaged in early-stage entrepreneurial activity.
Emma added: “As this wave of entrepreneurialism pans out, it will become abundantly clear exactly how important access to new and innovative domain names will be for the future of new business.”