By Daniel Hunter

The Technology Strategy Board has launched a competition to find 20 of the UK’s most promising clean technology companies to take part in a mission to Brazil.

The mission will give the companies the unique opportunity to showcase their technologies and start opening their businesses up to an international market that is estimated to be worth over $2 trillion by the end of the decade.

Clean and Cool Mission 2013, will give the entrepreneurs behind some of UK’s most innovative and growing clean technology companies, the opportunity to engage with the Brazil’s top technology businesses and see how they are approaching new market opportunities that the race to address climate change presents.

The mission to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which takes place between 30th October — 7th December 2013 is designed to ensure that the 20 businesses taking part benefit from the collective impact of a well run entrepreneur mission, which combines the right mix between networking, building partnerships, insight and market led know-how.

Organised by Technology Strategy Board, UK Trade and Investment, and the Long Run Venture, the mission is designed to make it easier for some of the most innovative and enterprising entrepreneurs in the UK’s Clean Technology sector to take their businesses into the global marketplace.

“The real story here will be about these promising UK business people who are ready to embark on innovative ventures in a new but growing sector," Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board said.

"The UK is a hot bed of Clean technology companies, we want work with them to help them find and carve out their place in the trillion-dollar global market."

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