By Ben Simmons

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's is adopting the Good for Enterprise™ mobile retail software platform, parent company Good Technology have announced.

Good Technology will provide Sainsbury's with enterprise-grade security and control for the company's 150,000 UK employees, providing a stronger and more reliable mobile enterprise software platform to access corporate data in a safe, secure and managed way.

According to the retailer over 60 per cent of its employees own a smartphone — a figure which rises significantly to 75 percent for employees aged under-25. Increasingly at Sainsbury's, as with most Good Technology partners, more employees than ever before are incorporating their own personal smartphones in the workplace to increase productivity and efficiency, while accessing timely and critical corporate information on the go to do their jobs and meet the needs of customers.

In addition, companies and IT managers across all industries are facing the growing challenge of accommodating employees who are moving beyond just one device and platform in the workplace. The enterprise mobility space now features multiple devices, including iPhones, Blackberrys and iPads — as well as multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and RIM.

Sainsbury's has tapped Good Technology's industry-leading solutions to support a broader range of employee-ported mobile devices, provide rigorous mobile enterprise security across multiple platforms, and empower employees to use mobile devices. Good Technology's solutions have also been proven to reduce costs associated with enterprise mobility functions across the organization and increase employee satisfaction.

"Managing information quickly and efficiently is at the heart of any successful retailer, and Sainsbury's is committed to providing its colleagues with the mobile solutions they need to enable them to provide great service to its customers," said Rob Fraser, IT Director, Sainsbury's. "Access to the latest market data is a competitive differentiator in our space, and Good Technology provides us with the ability to reach and empower our colleagues in a secure way on their mobile device of choice. Meeting the diverse needs of our customers is no longer going to happen just from a remote office – it's going to increasingly happen using mobile devices. Good Technology will give us the edge for success."

As a practical example of the liberating and empowering advantages of Good Technology's products, Fraser cited the need for Sainsbury's area store managers to be able to use one mobile device on-the-go for managed, unfettered and secure email access. This not only saves on time and logistics but avoids the current workplace habit of juggling corporate information through multiple platforms and multiple devices.

"Sainsbury's is a great example of a market leader who wishes to further embrace the use of mobile devices in an enterprise setting to maximise efficiencies and productivity," said Andrew Jacques, GM, Good Technology, UK. "Corporate leaders like Sainsbury's no longer have to look at the explosion of personal smartphones in the workplace as a problem, but rather as a solution and a critical tool for growth and expansion, if managed the right way. With Good Technology's 'Good for Enterprise' solution, Sainsbury's has the right toolkit to embrace the 'bring-your-own-device' to work trend, and leverage it for its next phase of growth."

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