By Jamie Stewart, Managing Director, Exact UK

In today’s flexible business environment, it’s the norm for project managers to work away from the office and travel on business. But tracking and running a project remotely is about more than just a laptop and a decent internet connection. Small to medium-sized businesses are capitalising on advanced business software solutions to help them deliver projects on time, on budget and on the move.

A growing number of projects span multiple countries and require team members to travel extensively. The ability to track and monitor these projects while on the move has become a critical success factor. Many companies are still relying on time-consuming manual processes and disjointed IT systems to handle their projects. The result? A lack of cohesion and visibility within the overall business that can undermine organisational goals.

Companies are under more pressure than ever to maintain close control over every aspect of their project, and to demonstrate to clients that they are doing so. When project teams are working away from the comfort zone of their base, it becomes indispensable. This dynamic is driving a shift away from the traditional manual approach towards a more efficient, integrated project management solution that brings together disparate workflows and optimises processes across an organisation.

But how can project managers steer their project effectively when they are scattered across the world? The answer is that the software needs to be just as mobile as they are. This is where scalable, web-based software solutions come into their own, giving project managers the ability to log on via a secure portal to manage every aspect of their project wherever they are in the world.

Effective decision-making needs to be based on a detailed and comprehensive real-time view of every stage of the project, backed by the ability to drill down to a nuts and bolts level of detail. When they are away from the office, project managers rely more heavily on proper visibility of their project to track time and capture every element of their project.

When it comes to administrative and operational efficiencies, e-invoicing expense management is another vital feature of project management software for mobile team members. An employee eating at a restaurant abroad can scan in his meal receipt there and then to submit an immediate expense claim. Of course, this translates into prompt payment of his expenses, but it also provides instant, real-time visibility of the relationship between actual and planned costs. It also cuts out lengthy administrative processes, and minimises confusion over who owns budgets by using electronic workflows to route claims straight to the right person.

At its heart, project management software focuses on optimising the performance of key employees while they are mobile. It also supports the goals of the wider business, using a coordinated approach to transcend departmental silos, integrate workflows, documents and projects and foster more effective teamwork. Once businesses take their projects on the road, flexible software with visibility at its heart becomes the backbone of this decision-making process, wherever they are.

Exact are one of the leading providers of scalable solutions which cover all key business processes, allowing your people to share information and collaborate in real-time on a single platform. As well as helping organisations grow, Exact’s solutions consolidate the processes of companies conducting business internationally.

Business on an international scale heightens the need for precise reporting and visibility; Exact offer a solution that is dedicated to giving a company’s HQ total clarity on the entire business, from foreign subsidiaries to localised trading silos. With many businesses still performing a lot of tasks manually, or utilising IT systems that don’t work together, this provides complete process visibility and helps ensure employees work together to add value to the business.

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