The raid, conducted in the centre of the city, saw computer equipment and documents seized for analysis.

Earlier this year, a change in the law made cold calls about pensions in certain circumstances illegal.

David Clancy, ICO Enforcement Group Manager, said: “The law now offers greater protection for people troubled by cold calls about their hard-earned pensions. This includes a ban on certain types of calls being made in relation to pensions.

“Today’s search and our investigation should serve as a warning to business owners that they must follow the law.”

The new rules surrounding live marketing calls in relation to pension schemes state that:

  • Calls can only be made by a firm or person authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and
  • Calls can only be made by the trustees or managers of a pension scheme to which the person being called is a member, or
  • The person being called had previously consented to being called by that company.
It is advised that if a member of the public thinks they have received an unsolicited pensions call, to report it to the ICO website.

Article originally published on PrivSec:Report

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