Consumers in the UK are reluctant to deal with offshore call centres, new research has revealed, which could have implications for business reputations.Research carried out by Mintel revealed that 82 per cent of British bank customers prefer not to speak to call centre agents based overseas.Some 83 per cent of those polled said that this was because of the increased risk of misunderstanding, while 74 per cent feared for the security of their personal information.Although there is, as yet, little to suggest that customers are switching financial organisation as a result of having to interact with offshore contact centres, Todd Davis from Mintel warned companies to take note."The research unequivocally shows that the vast majority of UK adults are genuinely worried about dealing with overseas call centre agents, which could potentially have a negative impact on an organisation's brand perception and reputation," Mr Davis said."Mintel's findings clearly suggest that the financial services providers which only use UK-based call centres do have a genuine competitive advantage," he added.Fewer than three in ten adults in the UK would accept an overseas call centre if it meant saving them money on financial products, the study also revealed.© Adfero Ltd