SMEs are risking their data and productivity by not keeping their computer systems up-to-date, according to new research.BizHelp24, a company which specialises in IT solutions, has published a report which says that nearly half (49 per cent) of SMEs use old technology to manage their company.Overall, a quarter (24.9 per cent) off all SMEs said that they do not need to upgrade or replace their IT system. Similarly, 12.4 per cent said they only updated systems every three years. A further 12.1 per cent waited four or more years before getting their IT infrastructure up to speed.Despite this reluctance to upgrade systems, just over a third (34.7 per cent) of SMEs said that slow or unreliable computers were their company's biggest annoyance."Whilst older computers may still do the job, they can be slow and unreliable; and are more likely to break down, disrupting your business," explained BizHelp24's managing director Colin Duguid."Updating or replacing your equipment every couple of years helps to ensure your staff can stay productive, and minimises the risk of you losing your data or needing to pay the cost of repairs."In a recent report published by the Times, it was found that nearly half of workers under 25 would rather be given more flexible working practices than a pay rise.New IT technology, such as laptops and wireless networks, could help people achieve these flexible goals.© Adfero Ltd