By Max Clarke

The UK’s foremost air traffic controller, NATS, is expecting to deliver savings of up to £9 million over the next four years as it transfers all desktop IT services to the cloud.

The move is expected to reduce the company’s environmental impact as well as enhance flexibility amongst the 6,000 strong workforce.

Research frequently points to the benefits of outsourcing to the cloud, though currently businesses in the UK have apparently been slower to outsource to the cloud than their rivals in the EU and the USA.

“This project is part of our Future Workspace vision and is crucial to the NATS growth strategy, providing us with a flexible and responsive IT framework that doesn’t add to our footprint,” said NATS’ IS Head, Gavin Walker. “Staff will be able to access the applications they need, wherever they are, and will have a consistent experience regardless of the device they are using.”

NATS is working with Amor Group, who will deliver, host and manage the new service. Robert Mooney, Technical Director for Amor Group explained: “We are extremely proud to be working in partnership with NATS to make their Future Workspace vision a reality. Working with NATS Information Solutions for the last five years has allowed us to develop a clear understanding of its key business drivers, even as these have continued to evolve.”

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