Small businesses need to take greater steps to protect themselves against the risk of data loss and theft associated with mobile working, according to a new report.Research from the Quocirca consultancy warns that the increasing prevalence of staff working outside of the office – be if from home, while travelling, or at a client's premises – can put sensitive data at heightened risk, reports Accountancy Age.As well as ensuring that wireless connections and portable data devices are secure – through encryption and password protection – firms are encouraged to engage their staff, educating them to the importance of not being lax and not losing devices or putting themselves at risk of theft."Getting users involved, committed and taking responsibility when carrying and using the company's assets helps to offset the most important mobile security issues – data falling into the wrong hands or being lost through device theft or damage," said Rob Banforth from Quocirca, reports Accountancy Age."They must plan ahead, execute carefully and measure results," he added.Research from the company shows that the IT needs of SMBs are becoming more complicated, with other three quarters of firms using more than one server, with laptop use on- and off-site also growing rapidly.© Adfero Ltd