Mobile broadband could prove extremely popular with forward-thinking SMEs, new research suggests.At the moment, take-up of mobile broadband is being limited by extortionate costs, as few SMEs can afford to equip their workers with the appropriate handsets.According to a report from Point Topic, 90 per cent of people who have broadband access at home already own a mobile phone. Half of these also have a laptop and many use the internet in some form when they are travelling from place to place.In a business context, many of these individuals would benefit from easy internet access as they are travelling to meet clients or preparing to make presentations, but the associated costs mean that very few business owners are willing to take a chance.Email remains the biggest attraction, with 38 per cent saying they already use mobile broadband to pick up messages. A further 37 per cent would like to use a mobile to check their emails.When questioned as to their reluctance to embrace mobile technology for internet access, 37 per cent said it was simply too expensive to send and receive data. Around 30 per cent said that the devices themselves were too expensive and 28 per cent bemoaned the cost of accessing useful data.As the government continues to promote flexible working and businesses become increasingly reliant on employees working away from the office, mobile broadband is likely to become hugely important in the years ahead.It seems clear, however, that prices will need to fall dramatically if mobile broadband is to fulfil its potential in the UK.© Adfero Ltd