A leading UK entrepreneur who made his fortune in Silicon Valley says that UK technology is suffering from a lack of investment - which in turn forces inventors to lower their standards and ambitions.Edinburgh's Mike Ramsay is the inventor of successful TV hard disk recorder TiVo - and he claims that the UK's technological talent is forced to reconfigure its expectations back in line with the resources available to them."There's no question in my mind that the talent is here, the entrepreneurs are here, and they're every bit as passionate and smart and savvy as any of them in Silicon Valley," Ramsay told weekly technology podcast OUT-LAW Radio. "The issue is money. Sources of funding for young entrepreneurs are not nearly as fluid as they are back there."As a result I think companies that could be high potential are not able to raise the funds that they want, and they reset their expectations to something that fits with the funds that they can get, and if those expectations are below critical mass the company won't break out, and that's a shame."Mr Ramsay went on to say that, although there was plenty of private equity funding available in the UK, the majority of it was not made available to small tech start-ups.© Adfero Ltd