By Marcus Leach

Tweetsport, the real-time tweet by tweet sport news site, announced the winners of the Naughty and Nice Twitlist for 2011 today (Monday).

Tweetsport which reviewed tweets from over 1000 top sporting favourites to find the ‘Sweet Tweets’ and the ‘Sporting Sprouts’ in the categories of football, rugby, golf, cricket and pundits, named Joey Barton the Mr Naughty and Mr Nice of Football.

“Joey Barton is the Charlie Sheen of Football Tweets” said Tweetsport founder Eilidh Donaldson. “He is great value for money so had to be our call in both categories. To paraphrase the quote from the great philosopher Forrest Gump, Life is like Joey Barton, you never know what you’re going to get.”

After English Rugby’s annus horribilis some might have expected any number of England players to get the shout for Rugby’s Mr Naughty but Tweetsport gave David Flatman the call up.

“England’s RWC team and the RFU were easy targets so we chose Bath Rugby’s David Flatman for his wry look at life which is gaining him a growing number of fans and proves that not all rugby players are dwarf tossing ferry jumpers.”

“He’s a wee pussy cat really,” Eilidh added, “but DON’T tell him I said that!”

Rugby also took the title for Sporting Pundit’s Mr Naughty with Brian Moore’s all too brief foray into social media.

“I thought cricketers were the best sledgers but based on Moore’s put downs those rugby boys can hold their own. He talks like he ‘tweets’ and anyone who heard his commentaries on Talksport during the Rugby World Cup will know he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Apparently there are quite a few fools on Twitter and Brian replied to them all.”

No Twitter list would be complete without the ever present Robbie Savage who took the Mr Nice title in the Sporting Pundit category. “Who would have thought 12 months ago the nation’s sweetheart would be Robbie Savage. All it took was heels and a fake tan — who knew?”

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