By Daniel Hunter

Some of the UK’s most pioneering technology will today be revealed to over 4,000 delegates at Innovate UK, a joint venture from the Technology Strategy Board and UK Trade & Investment. Highlights at Innovate UK will include successful developments across different sectors such as energy, sustainable living and robotics.

Aligned with eight of the most topical and demanding areas for innovation including digital, health and sustainability, each exhibitor has been selected to showcase technology that will make an impact on the UK both economically and socially. The exhibition is designed to not only showcase new developments but provide opportunities for UK companies to accelerate their growth through innovation, international trade and investment.

Tokamak Solutions will be demonstrating remote control of a new Tokamak that is one of the smallest and the only one to be built and operated by a private company. Tokamaks are at the forefront of the development of fusion power — a novel, safe, zero carbon, energy source that will be an increasingly important way of generating electricity in the second half of this century. It will also be talking about plans to develop the world’s first tokamak to use high temperature superconducting magnets (a project supported by a TSB SMART Development Grant).

Showcasing its solution in sustainable and affordable housing, Podpassiv will be revealing its flat pack housing initiative. Used as a disaster relief recovery method as a well eco-friendly living solution, the initiative is currently being considered by a Local London Authority, to provide six, three bedroom houses, to meet the demands of social housing. Podpassiv will also be showcasing a new board game about sustainable community living which aims to encourage families to learn more about how to conduct a more sustainable way of life.

OC Robotics is also due to demo its popular Snakearm robot technology, a project made possible by receiving some feasibility study funding from the TSB to develop its technology for remote handling in hazardous or difficult to access areas. The company was also awarded follow-on funding, the largest awarded to an SME by the Technology Strategy Board to further develop the concept and take it closer to commercialisation.

Since this grant, OC Robotics has grown significantly, having recently received orders from the US Airforce and a UK nuclear decommissioning company and will look to replicate the same growth throughout 2013.

The first of its kind, Innovate UK is a combination of the highly successful Innovate and TechWorld events, Innovate UK - which takes place 11-13 March, 2013, at the Business Design Centre in London - will help technology companies identify new investment, international trade, innovation and collaboration opportunities through networking. Over two years, businesses that have attended Innovate and TechWorld generated over £70m worth of UK trade as a direct result with attendees from either show identifying new business growth opportunities.

Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board said: “All our exhibitors are specially selected by the Technology Strategy Board and UKTI to feature at the exhibition and are ones that can demonstrate truly innovative products, services or technologies that have been developed here in the UK. We’re very pleased that so many will be taking part in the event and believe it is a great representation of the UK’s strength in innovative business.”

Nick Baird, Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment said: "Over the last two years, 65% of businesses that attended Innovate and TechWorld have identified new business opportunities and 77% said they learned something that would help them to innovate. By bringing the events together we hope to deliver even more success for UK businesses whether by helping them grow through innovation, international trade and investment or collaborative opportunities.”

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