By Claire West

Twitter, the newest social networking sensation, can generate sales leads for your business faster than other social network, even with a slashed budget. So says David White, Founder and Chief Executive of Weboptimiser and he’ll tell you how your company can benefit from it when he presents his webinar during July.

He’ll explain how Twitter is generating up to half the hits on his company’s website, building their contact list and their reputation fast and effectively. With a successful background in SEO he is one of the best people in digital marketing to see the massive potential Twitter has for business and, what’s more, he’s investing his own time and money in spreading the message. His team of engineers and directors has been working on social media projects for two years and the work on Twitter has come from the last six months of development. David already has a strong following for his online services on Twitter, some of which are free, as are the webinars running on 14th and 21st July at 6pm UK time and 6pm US CDT. Each will last for 60 minutes including 20 minutes for Q&A. Join the webinar at

Most people now know that Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: what are you doing? Once Barack Obama started using it the world sat up and took notice. It’s a phenomenal success with growth in one year calculated at 22-fold. It’s also said to have played a key role in the recent anti-government demonstrations in Iran.

But it’s the business application that David will be talking about in his webinar and you can join if you hurry, numbers are limited and going fast. He will share his experience in developing business applications for Twitter where there is a fast, measurable return. He’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of Twittering that he’s learned the hard way or, as he puts it, ‘don’t try to work from scratch, you’ll be spending more time on technology than on your clients’.

He’ll emphasise the importance of getting your planning right, with clearly set objectives. He’ll demonstrate how you can turn followers into prospects and then into increased sales — and all in very short time and at a fraction of the cost of mounting a full marketing campaign. You’ll hear details of the surveys he’s conducted himself that show the effectiveness of Twitter and the competitively-priced packages Weboptimiser offers to get you Twittering and Tweeting with the best of them.

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