By Daniel Hunter

Google are looking to take Apple on in the laptop market as they prepare to launch their Chromebook Pixel touchscreen laptop next week.

The first thing to consider is the price, at £1,049 it is not exactly cheap, but then nor are Apple's laptop offerings. However, for that money your Google built laptop comes with a terabyte of online storage.

The big problem comes when you consider that despite being useful offline, the Chromebook is only fully functional with a web connection.

It operates on the Chrome OS operating system and encourages users to adopt the web for as much of their computing as possible, including using Google’s online services such as email, as well as Google Docs and Google Music.

The Pixel will be the first touchscreen Chromebook on the market, which will see it challenge Windows 8 and, Google claims, make it easier to multitask with different apps and swipe through photographs.

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