By Max Clarke

Google has reportedly hired a networking expert to oversee the development of the web giant's own ultra speed fibre optic network.

The network, purported to be up to 1Gb/s in speed, or 100 times faster than average connections, was announced by Google earlier this year.

Owing to overwhelming demand, google has delayed the US launch of the network and as yet there has been no talk of similar projects overseas.

Infrastructurs is not the only area in which Google wants to expand, as the company has made several attempts to acquire Twitter. The microblogging site reportedly recieves 8% of total internet traffic, and is ranked 10th on the current Alexa rank.

Initial offers of $2.5 billion were deemed 'insulting' by Twitter bosses, and a subsequent offer of $4 billion was also dismissed earlier this year.

As Twitter's bosses would be unlikely to sell for less than doulbe its value, the current valuation of $3.9 Billion would mean Google would have to fork out $8 Billion for the acquisition.

This figure drarfs the $1 Billion it cost Google to acquire YouTube; the world's third most visited site, with 700 Billion videos viewed annually.