While increasing numbers of businesses in the UK are making use of teleworking, firms need to do more to really capitalise on the benefits.Research carried out by Eclipse Internet revealed that the number of people teleworking has now reached three million from just one million ten years ago, Onrec reports.But take-up has been gradual, according to the report, particularly among smaller companies - despite the fact that it is these firms that could most benefit from resultant cost-savings."We are now past the 'early adopter' phase for teleworking but smaller businesses are still just beginning to make the most of these practices," Mark Lang, Eclipse director, told the website."The cost and work-life benefits are still key drivers although teleworking is increasingly becoming a crucial part of the drive for greener and sustainable business."According to the report, an average of 20 per cent of workers spend more than an hour commuting to and from work each day.Speaking at the Work Wise UK Summit, taking place in London, former CBI chief Sir Digby Jones spoke about the importance of changing working practices and becoming more flexible to remain competitive in the global economy.© Adfero Ltd