Businesses that receive third party payment through their web page need to make sure that they protect themselves against online crime, one expert has warned.Tony Neate managing director at Get Safe Online, says that firms that retain personal customer information should go "one step further" and attain third party online security support and small business technology advice."Loss of credibility, confidence and … issues relating to data protection," are the consequences of failing to do so, he said."When you've gone on to that sort of area and you're taking money over the internet and you have an internet web presence - that's when you maybe need to go that little step further and you to get third party consultancy advice in relation to security."He added: "There are areas where maybe it's worth bringing in a third party to look at your system and making sure you are fully secure and up to date. That's the one area I would suggest - that maybe you don't go it alone, you do somehow go and get some help and advice." © Adfero Ltd