The vast majority of firms have experienced at least one data security breach and a large number have not taken any extra measures to prevent more, a new report has revealed.According to a study commissioned by Scott & Scott, 85 per cent of businesses have experienced a breach in the past and of those almost half (46 per cent) have failed to implement extra security measures such as encryption solutions.Commenting on the report Robert Scott, senior partner at Scott & Scott, said: "The most significant finding to me is that, despite having experienced a data breach, 46 per cent of respondents failed to implement encryption technology on portable devices."Encryption is the single most effective way to avoid the negative business impact of data breaches," he added.Mr Scott also commented on the finding that 82 per cent of businesses responded to data breach incidents without first consulting legal counsel."The legal landscape governing data privacy is complex with thirty-five separate state regulations and numerous federal regulations that may be applicable to a particular incident," he added.The survey also revealed that of those organisations that had suffered a data breach, 74 per cent reported a loss of customers, while 59 per cent faced potential litigation.The study was carried out by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Scott & Scott.© Adfero Ltd