By Maximilian Clarke

Almost a year after its announcement, the email address has failed to take the email world by storm.

Despite the initial hype among online tech commentators, independent analysis of more than 3 million active addresses has found that a paltry 0.0015% bear Facebook’s domain. Discussing the findings is Tim Watson, UK Operations Director at Emailvision.

“Billed by TechCrunch as the Gmail killer, Facebook email has been something of a flop: the volume of email is less than 0.0015% of all emails. The Facebook tools to read, review, sort, filter, organise and follow up on email are non-existent. Even the default view for reading email is not great, formatting is removed from text and images are stripped. With the major email clients developing rapidly and connecting to social networks I don't expect to see the number of email addresses increasing any time soon.

”At the time of the Facebook email announcement there was concern amongst the marketing community about the potential impact on email marketing. In fact, the bigger threat to brand emails has come from the major inbox providers introducing intelligent inbox features, which automatically sort and filter emails to reflect what is most likely to be important to the reader rather than emails being listed in the traditional chronological view. The move to intelligent inboxes is driving a need for email marketers to ensure their communications are relevant.”

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