EU officials have spoken of their intention to strengthen cybersecurity in Europe following a spate of heavy data breaches.

Among cyber breaches to have hit the EU in recent times was a major leak of diplomatic cables and reports of a suspected hacking during an official trip to Moscow.

This week, Brussels will host EU chiefs at a conference designed to tackle cyber-related issues such as espionage and communications sabotage of the kind that allowed the trouble in Russia to remain out of the news for a considerable time.

Some commentators say the scheduled meeting illustrates the EU’s failure to stay on top of global cyber-threats to data security. Other critics say the coming together highlights the inherent IT vulnerabilities of the 28 sovereign states network.

Talking about the alleged Moscow breach, one senior figure is reported in the Financial Times online to have noted the “serious questions” the incident posed about the EU’s “security culture.”

“In a world where the EU and its member states are under constant attack in cyberspace . . . we need to be a bit more savvy and a bit more secure,” the official said.

The EU heads will gather on Thursday in a meeting that is anticipated to lay out the bloc’s more robust stance on safeguarding EU data and communication systems, diplomats say.

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