gdpr-3518254_1280-e1558051306352The report concluded that most Member states have set up the necessary legal framework and the new system of strengthening the enforcement of data protection rules is falling into place.Věra Jourová, Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality stated how the General Data Protection Regulation provides businesses opportunities to “make the most of the digital revolution, whilst ensuring people’s trust in it. Beyond Europe, it opens up possibilities for digital diplomacy to promote data flows based on high standards between countries that share EU values. But work needs to continue for the new data protection regime to become fully operational and effective.”

It was noted that businesses are developing a compliance culture, whilst citizens are becoming more aware of their rights. However in a Eurobarometer survey published in May 2019, only 20% of Europeans know which public authority is responsible for protecting their data.

It is for this reason that the European Commission has launched this summer a new campaign to encourage Europeans to read privacy statements and to optimise their privacy settings.

The Commission’s communications have set up steps to further strengthen data protection rules and their application. The steps include stronger role of data protection authorities and businesses adapting to their practices.

The Commission will be supporting SMEs in applying the regulations, as well as encouraging national data protection authorities to pool their efforts for instance by conducting joint investigations.

Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission, commented:

“The European Union strives to stay at the forefront of the protection of personal rights in the digital transformation while seizing the many opportunities it offers for jobs and innovation. Data is becoming an invaluable element for a booming digital economy and is playing an increasingly vital role in developing innovative systems and machine learning. It is essential for us to shape the global field for the development of the technological revolution and for its proper use in full respect of individual rights.”

Article originally published on PrivSec:Report

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