Small businesses should also be acting to ensure the information on company laptops is secure, says an industry expert.After the Financial Services Authority (FSA) recently fined Nationwide after a laptop was stolen, Wick Hill, a company which specialises in secure infrastructure solutions, is advising SMEs to re-think their data protection infrastructure.According to the company, SMEs are responsible for making sure personal information held on company laptops is safeguarded.Laptops also contain potentially sensitive company data, Wick Hill warns.Because of these factors, the theft of a laptop can cause financial loss and a tarnished reputation for an SME.However, not enough are taking simple precautions to protect their data. Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of the company explained that "it really is very easy and economical for companies to protect data on their laptops using encryption software".He added: "With the ever-increasing use of laptops out of the office, their vulnerability to theft and the availability now of low-cost security solutions, it is time for companies to take the leap to securing laptops."When a company laptop was stolen from a Nationwide employee in 2006, the personal information about 11 million customers could have been accessed by the thieves.© Adfero Ltd