Website domain names should be "as short as possible" and reflect the product or service which the business is trying to sell, Startup Co has suggested.John de Groot, managing director of the business advisory service, also advises business owners to avoid hyphenated domain names and to use .com where possible."If it is to promote a product, then consider a domain name that is the same as the product name. If it is to promote a generic range of products then choose a name that describes that product range," he explains.Mr de Groot recommends that businesses conduct keyword searches on Google to find out which domain names are most effective.The registration of new domain names reached 10.7 million during the first quarter of 2007, according to a report by Verisign.Generic domain names are also increasing in popularity, with selling for £560,000 earlier this year.If you are interested in using IT to grow your business, Fresh Business Thinking is holding a technology event in May.