By Claire West

A conference showcasing the latest IT developments is due to take place in Aberdeen this week and will focus on how advancing digital technologies can improve business.

Graeme Gordon, CEO of Internet for Business (IFB) is set to speak at the ‘Data is Everyone’s Business’ event, which is in association with The Institute of Directors (IoD), on Tuesday 11 February 2014, at Hilton Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen.

With the emergence of innovations such as cloud computing, businesses can reap benefits by implementing modern IT infrastructures. The event will focus on unpacking the latest IT trends, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Big Data, and explore the possibilities that such services can offer.

Graeme says, “The technology market is thriving and new developments are continuing to emerge. With various language and terminologies being exchanged to describe IT fads, those who are not specialists in the subject may find it difficult to keep updated. New technologies can be a confusing and blurry area, however there are many benefits to be gained from keeping informed and employing the latest digital advancements.

“In many companies, implementing new IT systems is often the responsibility of the IT department, but business leaders have much to gain from understanding how IT can benefit their business. With cloud computing, big data and BYOD now on the market, it may be difficult for business owners to envision how these buzzwords actually translate to the everyday operations of their workplace.

For example cloud computing offers many benefits- it enhances efficiency, reduces costs and provides instant access to data. It is vital that business leaders are aware of what the latest trends on the marketplace are, and how they can maximise their potential.

I am delighted to be able to attend the ‘Data is Everyone’s Business’ event and share my experience in technology advancements.”

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