A new study has painted the cyber-security integrity of counties in the east of England in a worrying light.

The report, conducted by Ipswich office of financial advisers, Grant Thornton, has concluded that companies in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex are not taking cyber-security seriously enough, and are therefore more vulnerable to cyber-attack.

Over 50% of the firms polled in the research said that they did not have a strategy in place to address the growing cybersecurity risks both in the UK and on the global stage. Companies’ capacity to maintain business continuity in the event of a cyber-security alert was also found to be a cause for concern.

Taking the views of companies attending cyber-security awareness events across the east of England, the survey also found that two thirds of enterprises had been the victim of cyber-attacks.

Alarmingly, 53% of those targeted said they had not developed their cyber-security strategy, while half of the firms polled said that they had a plan in place to keep operations to speed should a data breach take place.

Grant Thornton emphasised how organisations in the region have to take a stronger stance on cyber issues if threats are to be mitigated.

James Arthur, head of cyber consulting at Grant Thornton, said:

“Cyber security isn’t just a technical problem, it’s a risk that should be managed in a similar way as all other business risks.

“The continuous development of new methods to connect and share information increases the chance of a security threat.

“Our poll results clearly show a cyber-attack is not just something that ‘happens to other businesses’ – it’s a real issue that can affect us all and cause severe damage to an organisation’s immediate business capability and reputation.

“Cyber incidents are unpredictable and unforgiving and while it may not be possible to completely prevent risk, having robust procedures in place will greatly limit the chances of an attack and reduce the impact should a breach occur.”

Article originally published on PrivSec:Report

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