By Mick Dickinson

In the current climate no small business can afford to lose customers, so a CRM system could be a smart investment say the experts on Marketing Donut.

In the current climate it’s more important than ever to make the most of every sales opportunity, including improving the way you deal with your existing customer base. While a customer relationship management system may seem like a big investment, a new article on Marketing Donut says most systems pay for themselves in 12 months.

“Nobody can afford to lose customers at the moment, and managing the sales process properly is crucial for any firm,” says Jason Nash of Microsoft CRM UK in an interview on the site.

"Smaller businesses don't necessarily need a highly sophisticated CRM package either. But if it's implemented properly, most systems should pay for themselves within 12 months."

Nash says customer relationship management systems enable firms to understand their customers and make sure they target offers at the right time.

"By using data effectively, you can also drive sales from an existing customer base, rather than spend a lot of money on trying to attract new clients."

Marketing Donut has a number of articles about sales, and choosing the right sales tools and technology for your business.

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