Julian Jodran, a GDPR specialist and Tania Bowers, a solicitor who specializes in recruitment, highlighted 12 dangers of recruitment and in HR related areas to GDPR regulation, today at the GDPR summit, London.

Tania runs her own legal consultancy and is general counsel at ALSCO, the trade association. Julian is a lead GDPR consultant, at Sola Group, with 20 years of IT security experience. He has successfully delivered GDPR solutions into banking, insurance and the retail sector. They revealed some key insights.

They focused on fair practice in the context of the type of data you use in the recruitment process and the relationship with suppliers, in particular the requirements of contracts between contract controller and processor and the liabilities.

Tania emphasised the importance of understanding your data - and what you do with it. "Once you have done this you can produce your key documents, such as privacy policy, which needs to be detailed and layered, and contracts," she said.

"It's the key" interjected Julian, "you must understand your data, if you don't know where your children are, you can't protect them, and it's the same with your data."

"CV management, security vetting, contractual obligations, and candidate offers are the four key areas," for recruitment said Julian and for HR key areas are "employee rights, personal data breaches and outsource functions which can add a layer of complexity."

Outsourcing is vital, getting that relationship is right, both practically and in your contracts.

But it is clear there is complexity involved, don't underestimate this, preparing for GDPR is vital and complex, you need to be ready.

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